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Proven Abilities to Fill Resource Needs – Whenever you Need Them, For as Long as You Need Them, Wherever You Need Them – Including on a Permanent Employee Basis

  • Right-to-Hire of Consultants
  • One-offs to Fill an Unexpected Vacancy or a Capabilities Gap
  • Teams for Short, Intermediate and Long-Term Efforts
  • On-going Staff Augmentation with the Ability to Increase and Decrease at a Moment’s Notice

Helping Clients to Build Their Own Agile Transformation “A Team”

Many companies opt to “build” rather than “buy” their Agile – Scrum Masters, Release Train Engineers, Coaches. STP helps these companies in two ways:
First, STP equips clients with recruiting-and-selection support and workflow processes.

Second, STP trains, coaches, and mentors the client’s Agile team members. STP leverages members’ strengths, skills, and approaches into and shapes it into a cohesive team, greatly accelerating the time to success and productivity.

STP support of team members includes direct support and guidance on strategies, building a sustainable ecosystem, securing executive buy-in, gaining organization-wide adoption, execution, scaling, daily standing up of multiple teams, value streams, reporting and dashboards, communication.

STP puts its years of experience and in-depth knowledge, along with its quality control processes, at your disposal …. our goal is to help the client assemble and launch that “A Team” faster and more successfully.

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Managed Staffing Solutions

For clients who want an instantaneous jump-start into Agile activities, STP provides a Managed Services solution that does a rapid deployment of a fully assembled team of Agile experts.

This means that the client’s Agile efforts begin the day after giving the green light. Teams consist of proven resources and a cohesive approach to getting work done – the client bypasses all of usual “warm up”, iron out the kinks, work that is front loaded in Agile efforts and delays results. The STP team hits the ground running, making progress on Day 1.

At the client’s option, the team can take its work direction from a client appointed manager. Or, alternatively, the team can be 100 % self-directed with heavy reporting of all activities to the client appointed point-of-contact.

(OPTIONAL) Either way, the Summit team brings a unified approach on Day 1. STP resources are fully vetted and carefully matched to the client’s needs and culture. Team members are trained and experienced in self-navigating the organization. That means that they know how to be effective change agents, build rapport and strong working relationships with the many parts of the client’s organization, and able to tactfully work through issues.

(OPTIONAL) Teams usually consist of: Scrum Masters (Enterprise, Portfolio and Team level), Release Train Engineers, Solutions Architects & Engineers, and Coaches.

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Staff Augmentation, Right-to-Hire, Permanent Placements

STP provides a suite of Human Capital Management services that includes Staff Augmentation (Contract Work, T&M), Right-to-Hire and Fee-Based Permanent Hire services. Each service is designed to augment and integrate with the client’s internal staffing efforts.

STP has it all: The long corporate experience; Resources; Tools; Know-how; and Drive to deliver the best talent in the highly competitive Agile Transformation skills zone. Typical resource roles include: Agile Scrum Masters, Release Train Engineers, Solutions Engineers, and Coaches (Enterprise, Portfolio and Team level).

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