Proven Abilities to Fill Resource Needs – Whenever you Need Them, For as Long as You Need Them, Wherever You Need Them – Including on a Permanent Employee Basis

  • Right-to-Hire of Consultants
  • One-offs to Fill an Unexpected Vacancy or a Capabilities Gap
  • Teams for Short, Intermediate and Long-Term Efforts
  • On-going Staff Augmentation with the Ability to Increase and Decrease at a Moment’s Notice

Modernize Your Talent Management Operation

Many companies run their own home-grown Talent Recruiting & Acquisition operations. Given the stiff competition for talent in Next Gen Products, these operations have an urgent need to raise their game.

STP’s turnkey services enable clients to Modernize their operations and win the war for talent. Clients may select different modes of service:

  • Services for a Single Skill Area, Such as Technical Engineers & Technical Architects for Next Gen Products
  • Services to Support all IT Talent Requirements
  • Integrate Components of STP’s Processes and Tools into Current Operations

Each service is designed to produce more and better-quality candidates. Turnaround time to fill positions are reduced. Important initiatives, such as IT Platform Modernization, get launched on time. No longer is the organization held hostage to the supply and quality of talent.

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Managed Staffing Solutions

STP’s Managed Services arrangement enables clients to jump-start their Modernization efforts. Overnight, a complete, fully assembled STP team of Modernization experts arrive with expertise in the Next Gen Product being used (AI/Simulation, Data, Cloud, Blockchain/Crypto, Web 3, etc.).

  • Resources are Fully Vetted and Carefully Matched to the Client’s Needs and Culture
  • Teams Can Take Direction from the Client’s Point-Of-Contact or be 100 % Self-Directed
  • Teams Operate as Mentors and Agents of Change
  • Team Members Build Rapport, Maintain Strong Working Relationships, Work Through Issues, and Provide Thorough and Frequent Reporting
  • On-Site, Off-Site, Remote, Hybrid

Staff Augmentation, Right-to-Hire, Permanent Placements

STP provides a suite of Human Capital Management services that includes Staff Augmentation (Contract Work, T&M), Right-to-Hire and Fee-Based Permanent Hire services. Each service is designed to augment and integrate with the client’s internal staffing efforts.

STP has it all: The long corporate experience; Resources; Tools; Know-how; and Drive to deliver the best talent in the highly competitive technology skills zone.

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