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"Agility means that you are faster than your competition. Agile time frames are measured in weeks and months, not years."

- Michael Hugos, Agile Systems Architect

Advisory Services

In our ever evolving world, executives are constantly challenged with staying competitive, remaining relevant and delivering value to their stakeholders. A comprehensive Digital and Agile Strategy is typically leading the list of major enterprise initiatives requiring investment. STP assists in the evaluation process of digitization, including digital strategy, what to digitize and how to digitize. We bring our team of seasoned experienced change agents including IT leaders and executives from leading enterprise companies to assist clients through this change. Industry frameworks are oftentimes a key part of transformations. STP recognizes their use and incorporates frameworks and technology into engagements, as necessary. Our leaders have certifications in numerous disciplines. We bring the appropriate staff with relevant certifications and utilize them alongside our One Digital Methodology for Digital Transformation.

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Lean Portfolio Management

STP can manage an entire Portfolio Management project or selected parts. Our goal is to optimize the portfolio’s value and support strategic decision making. STP activities may include: assessing the portfolio’s strategic alignment with business requirements and investment plans, identify opportunities for optimization across a portfolio, analyze the health and resiliency of the portfolio’s current state, assess and make recommendations concerning the ability to execute the value streams, assess and make recommendations on the plan’s ability to evolve and continuously adjust to changing conditions and new opportunities. Findings are documented with specific recommendations and actionable steps.

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STP conducts an in-depth examination of vulnerability spread across computers, devices, networks, programs and people for signs of all forms of malicious digital attacks. Specifically, STP examines the health, performance, and security gaps of the current cybersecurity program.

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Impactful Innovation For Rapid Change


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