Technical Engineers and Services that Accelerate Implementation of Next Gen Product

Operating under its GSA contract, STP delivers Technical Engineers and Technical Architects and services to support implementation of Next Gen Product at Local and Federal Agencies. Next Gen Products are the fruit of US innovation and are instrumental to Modernizing and revitalizing IT.

Platform Modernization

Implementing Next Gen Products – such as AI, Web3 or Blockchain – requires a proven methodology and the support of experienced Technical Engineers and Technical Architects. These resources know the Next Gen Product its implementation methodology.

STP’s time-tested methodology ensures success, builds self-sufficiency, and avoids pitfalls that lead to delays and stakeholder disappointments.

STP’s Next Gen Product stack –

  • AI/Simulation
  • Data
  • Cloud
  • Blockchain/Crypto
  • Web3

STP automatically includes Cyber Security capabilities and considerations whenever any of these Next Gen Products are used.

The Number One Challenge for 2024: The Competition Between Clients to Get the Best Enablers

Managers in every segment of the economy are voicing alarm that their 2024 plans are at risk due to a lack of experienced high quality Agile Transformation consultants to seed in their teams. They report that the shortage of industrial strength Scrum Masters, Release Train Engineers, and Coaches is already slowing efforts to stand up multiple teams, scale across the enterprise, and overcome obstacles to execution.

STP is “purpose built” to be the preferred work home of those acknowledged as the Best-of-the-Best in Agile Transformation. STP clients are able to obtain all of the Best-of-the-Best Scrum Masters, Release Train Engineers, and Coaches they need, when they want them – guaranteed.