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"Nothing endures but change."

- Heraclitus

Summit Tech Partners

Project & Program management (PPM), like most other disciplines, has evolved as a result of the new digital reality. Today it comprises core capabilities:

Project/solution management: Monitoring and controlling project and product progress, as well as resources, risks, issues, financials, scope, and quality

Business outcome management: Measuring the outcomes of project and solution delivery and comparing those outcomes to the business case promises made in the demand management cycle. Often disregarded or performed poorly or as an afterthought, business outcome management is arguably the most important capability within the PPM framework.

The blurring of business and technology has had particular significance for project management services, affecting it in some critical ways

One Digital

Agility in Government is more dynamic because of contract structure, roles and responsibilities, funding, multiple awards and many competing objectives. Our OneDigital Model addresses the dynamic model that federal, state and local governments face daily.

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  • Agile 4 Business
  • Agile 4 Capture
  • SAFe 4 Government


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