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A4Gov is Talent and Skills Helping to Achieve Sustainable Transformation Across the Organization - Regardless of Where You Are in Your Journey

STPs A4Gov is powered by STPs Trans4Mation, a comprehensive enterprise transformation framework comprised of the Best-of-the-Best People – Deep Experience – Process/Frameworks – Tools – Culture. The framework is modular and designed to meet the needs of Very Large Agile Transformation efforts down to single team efforts.

The framework draws heavily on the real-world experience and know-how of the STP staff. STP resources are all professional practitioners, not theoretical types – they want to “do” and accomplish goals.

"The first step is to establish that something is possible;
then probability will occur." - Elon Musk

The surge of Transformation activities has led to a war-for-talent for Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters, and Release Train Engineers. Clients are working hard to find the Best-of-Best practitioners to ensure that their Agile Transformation efforts succeed and are sustainable. Summit is home to the industry's largest pool of the Best-of-the-Best resources. Its practitioners focus on execution, not theory. They have the Hard and Soft skills that are essential to success.


Trans4Mation is a proven framework of People - Skills - Methodology - Tools - Culture. Engagements can be scaled for every situation - from the Very Large & Complex efforts down to single team efforts.

Change Management
Tools and Best Practices
Focus on Execution
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STPs approach starts with… Every Client is Unique. That is a Fact-of-Life that is Not Universally Accepted

Too many Agile Transformation consultants operate in “tell mode”, mechanically reciting textbook and theory - and, worst of all, not taking time to truly listen to the client in order to thoroughly understand the client's environment. To them, it doesn't seem like the client's perspective is important to these consultants.

By contrast, STP approaches every client with ears wide open and mouths shut. We don't assume anything about a client or its issues. We don't walk in with a canned speech or solution because experience has taught us that every situation is far more subtle and complex than appears on the surface. In short, every situation is unique. Our goal is to fully understand the client in order to get on the same page with the client.

The Client is Central

Even Transformation Efforts Need “Booster Shots”!

With time, the majority of Agile Transformation efforts come down suffer from the blahs, a sense of sluggishness or being in a rut. The zip is gone, replace by a feeling of drift. That is when a “Booster Shot” is needed. STP has Booster Shots for stalled Transformation symptoms. The remedies are proven, fast acting, and immediately available.